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July 08, 2008


Erica Ambrosio

She is really funny Amber. Have a great trip!


Very cute. your dd is hilarious. but...when you said you updated your blog i thought you meant with PICTURES! =)


Hey Amber...glad to see you around! Hope you had a great vacation! That kit is so beautiful...perfect summer colors! Give my sis a hug for me, k? :)



I´m Lisbet from Sweden. I just surfed into your blog and I have never been here before – I think. I really enjoy design, colour and how people make stuff. If you want me to link you, just visit my linkblog, grab the blinkie too if you want.


Grab the blinkie too if you want.


Hi, I was wondering
have you created a collection of MY BOOK OF NUMBERS???
I would really love that one! if you have time
in my blog I hae pictures of the one I did for my dd and the school and they love it! thank you pls
let me know if you have or plan to :)
thank you

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